“You do a film and you know where you're going, you have this material to stretch and play with as much as possible because you know how it ends." - Norman Reedus

Life is harder than a movie, because we aren’t exactly sure of the ending. And thus the challenge is learning to stretch and grow beyond what we know we can do and accomplish what we dream we can do.  When it comes to design, my first instinct is at times more commercial.  And yet I listen to other ideas and try to wipe clean my preconceived notions of what’s beautiful, and all of a sudden my eyes are opened to something new.  And before long I’m walking around in a gold heel without batting an eyelash.

It’s hard to stretch ourselves, especially with the demands of being a woman and mother and friend and lover. I might step away from a design meeting to take a call from an overseas factory, only to be interrupted by my son who wants a hug or the thought of what to cook for dinner since my grandmother who is coming over. It’s a constantly evolving game, this life.  We must adapt and grow and patiently wait for the right timing of things, despite not knowing the ending, and despite not knowing how long we even have left.

The modern-day women simply must learn to stretch in life.  There are so many roles we play that we have to broaden our boundaries and learn to let more in. I like to surround myself with people that think differently and yet respect each other, and I like to work in a way where everyone is valued for what they bring to the table. And sometimes, it’s about forgiveness when you stretch to the point of breaking, and you must back down.  I wish we knew the ending at times, but then again, what would be the fun in that?