"Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul." - John Muir

When I was a kid, my girlfriend Laura would come over and we’d play Cowboys and Indians with my brothers. We lived on acres of land and would always find a way to build a very strong fort. My friend and I would take turns being the damsel in distress and the rest would find a way to save the princess.  Afterward, all hot and sticky with Texas heat, we’d head inside and raid the pantry for Little Debbie snacks – swiss rolls, preferably, and life was so utterly satisfying.  

Playing is such a natural part of life.  When I was in Madrid, I met up with seven men from  Mexico and they acted as my personal bodyguards throughout the city.  We played and laughed and I’ll never forget those carefree weeks of exploration in a foreign land.  So much to see, so much great food and architecture – it was my very own play land.

As we grow up, sometimes we consume ourselves with so much work that it’s hard to keep our minds open to imagination, and play.  It’s not always easy to head down to the river for an afternoon of inter-tubing, or exploring a new hiking trail, and yet in my life that is what I must do in order to stay sane.  I’ve traded in pop guns and headdresses for trees and rivers and valleys of the Texas Hill Country.  The cobblestones and the lamps and the arches of Venice – this is also the playground in which my mind soars. 

We can play while we work, and as we build relationships, and as we design.  We should always maintain hearts at play while also at work, so our days don’t grow dull and our minds lazy.  And after all – who doesn’t like a good swiss roll?

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