“When you launch in a rocket, you're not really flying that rocket. You're just sort of hanging on." - Michael P. Anderson

Starting my own company was quite an adventure.  After all, I’m just a small-town girl from Texas. What if my vision of a boot line failed? What if this concept I had didn’t take off? What if I can’t make it, and I disappoint all the people that had confidence in my dreams?  I’m not a celebrity with a built-in market.  I’m just one who happens to have big ideas!

When I was at Italy’s leather fair for the first time, I shook hands with designers from amazing companies including Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Via Spiga and others... I couldn’t believe that I was suddenly in step with those whom I had admired.  My designer, Tonya, is extremely talented and well-connected, and at that moment I felt that the rocket had already ignited and I had no idea how high it would soar.

The night before I flew to Las Vegas for our first big trade show, I had a dream.  I was sitting in my father’s large white pick-up truck, and he turned directly to me and told me to buckle up.  “It’s time to go,” he said with a wink as he shot out the driveway and toward a towering mountain. I woke up and knew that this was my company.  This was my life. This is what I was mean to do. And yet there was a great deal of fear in launching something new and different.  There was a shift from paper to reality – from an idea on a cocktail napkin to a real company, with designers and factories and samples that I can touch. And now, when I now speak of Lisa Lecroy, it’s in my very bones. And I know that there’s a higher force driving, and I do my best to simply hang on.