“I don’t design clothes.  I design dreams.” - Ralph Lauren

When I was eight years old, I begged my mom to take me to the craft store.  I had become proficient at making friendship bracelets to sell to my classmates and give to my friends. For what or how much I earned, I cannot recall.  But I remember the thrill of creating, and sharing that creation with those people I cared about.

For me, creation is not about how much profit is attached to it.  It’s about designing dreams, and sorting out chaos.  It’s about a swirling mass of color and confidence and beauty that cannot be ignored.  I have a need to release it sometimes, like a bird that needs to be free of the nest.  I have a desire to share this vision with other women, to encourage them to be the best women they can be. 

I want people to create things.  To use the tools they have to express emotion and joy.  We might not all be born to do great things, as Mother Teresa says, but we can certainly do small things with a great amount of love.  We can use our hands and our hearts to give and mold and share.  We can give a bracelet and remember the look on our friend’s face as she wear it.  As I sit by the fire and sketch a design, or see a shape, or feel the swallowing sounds of music pulse in my veins, I know it’s something I can’t help. I am born to create.  To see the creativity around me in this great world.  To be free.

You might not be a sculptor, or an artist in the traditional sense, but you can always create something out of nothing.  You have the power to design your own life.  Don’t sit around.  Pull on your boots and make something happen.

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