“Life takes us to unexpected places, but love takes us home.” - author unknown

I have this quote hanging in my office. It’s true, how life takes us to places we might never anticipate. If I told you how often I’ve moved in my life, it would make your head spin.  From Texas to Colorado to Connecticut to Florida to Virginia and more – our family has moved quite a bit. But strangely, I don’t have that feeling of dread about it, thankful to finally have rooted in one place and shaking my head about all the various homes and locations.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I’ve always been a sort of nomad, taking in each place with fresh eyes and looking at it as a new adventure.  After all, I’ve been traveling internationally since I was 15, so the call to explore has been strong.  I feel at home in new places very fast, and I try to not hold on to bricks and mortar as my safety and strength.  Where my family is, I am home. 

And after all my travels, family’s the one true thing that never changes. Change is never been as hard for me as some people.  I embrace change, and welcome it into my life.  I’ve gone from red hair to brunette to blond, because it’s fun and different and I can always go back to what works. I think that’s why the idea of these boots intrigued me so.  The idea of having a boot that’s comfortable and broken in, but having tops that are interchangeable, keeps it interesting and I can vary the look with my moods.

Being forced to step outside of your comfort zone, either traveling to a new place or trying on something new or being creative with your own design and fashion – it grows you, and helps you discover who you are.  I think without change, we rot, and I’m a big believer of moving forward at all costs.

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