Let me introduce myself...I am Lisa and I’m a wife, mother, friend, daughter, entrepreneur and lover of all things to do with living a good life. I want to share with you my journey into the great world of fashion. I am an outsider trying to find my way...It hasn’t been an easy road, but who said it would be.

My journal will give you a glimpse into my life and who I am. I’m obviously not a celebrity or well known designer with a built in fan base, but I believe in what I am doing and want to share it with the world. I know once you discover the beautiful designs and see the value of the Lisa LeCroy brand you will fall in love...or at least that is my hope.

Life is a journey and by sharing my story and life with you I would love to inspire you to follow your dreams. Take a risk and go down that unknown road and live your life to the fullest!