The Company


Lisa LeCroy Boots are made to make our customer feel good about how she looks every time she wears them. We design and manufacture boots that are beautiful, and trend-setting— with detailed workmanship and premium materials that exude quality. Interchangeable features offer our customer the ability to design a wardrobe of boots that she can change to any style for any locale, occasion            or season.

The Lisa LeCroy Company cares about people and gives back to its communities and its customers. We cherish our customers, store owners, workers, and friends. Because we treasure our customer, we treat her like royalty. We don’t seek to sell a pair of boots to our customer we desire a lifestyle relationship with her.


Lisa LeCroy Boots will change the world of women's salon boot wear with trend-setting designs that build a wardrobe of boot apparel with mix and match interchangeable features. Our boots give the high-end fashion consumer amazing value while offering almost endless variety to fit any style, occasion or season. 


Taking your time, walking a bit slower, exploring the world to take in the beauty of life, looking at the details, textures and design that is all around us. From European architecture, antique doorknobs, other cultures, all things equestrian and western, to nature and even fairy tales can be inspiring. You can find things everyday that inspire your imagination!

Lisa says, “My design philosophy is to constantly produce fresh designs, bringing in new textures and materials to stay ahead of the market. I want my customers to tell me that they can’t wait for my new designs!”


Lisa LeCroy Boots are made with soft suedes, smooth nappa leathers, silky Italian hair-calf, sturdy canvas, Spanish Aztec fabrics, plus leather of the highest quality for years of wear and enjoyment. We Shop the world for the look our         customers want.